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Eastpak Antidote Tour: Sum 41: Norwich UEA

Sum 41

It’s been a couple of years since Sum 41 last toured in the UK, back at the start of 2008 to promote their Underclass Hero album, and to be honest not much has changed. The bands set is still charged full of energy, the hits are all there and Deryck Whibley is still a great frontman, always keeping the crowd engaged. This was the sixth time I’d seen Sum 41, and they have always proved themselves to be a solid band live, even when messing around, they pull off all the songs.

In the two years since they last played this venue not much has changed in terms of set list, it still features heavily on the songs from ‘All Killer No Filler’ and ‘Does This Look Infected’, as well as the singles from the last two albums. One great addition to the set is a cover of Paint It Black, where Brown Tom gets to show off his vocal skills. The band still invite members of the audience on stage, so a select few can watch most of the set from the side of the stage.

The only real disappointment is the lack of new songs. The band only play Skumfuk from their forthcoming album ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’, which sounds so good, you want to hear more of the new album material. The album should be out early next year.

Sum 41 Norwich UEA October 2010 – Images by Jon Luton

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