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Eels at Norwich UEA

Eels at Norwich UEA, March 2013 (Photographer: Jon Luton)

Since Eels first appeared in 1995 their live shows have been events. Every album and every tour had a different sound, and a different set up. Over the years they have performed as a three piece rock band, with brass and horns sections, with an orchestra, as a grunge band (with John Parish), and E solo.

To promote new album Wonderful Glorious, Eels are performing tonight as a five piece, with E on ‘the lead singer riser’ at the front, drummer also at the front, and then two guitarists (including 10 year Eels Veteran The Chet), and a bassist. The band clad from head to toe in Adidas gear.

Wonderful Glorious is a return to form after a couple of poorer Eels albums, in comparison with their earlier albums. The set heavily focuses of this new album, despite having released 10 albums as Eels, there’s only 4 songs from their first 5 albums, and even then two of the songs My Beloved Monster and Mr E’s Beautiful Blues are intertwined into one song, which works surprising well.

The set revolves around E’s ‘Yes Men’ shouting Yes to everything that E says in between songs. Turning the inbetween song banter into full on comedy set.

Despite missing out the big early hits, the set goes down well with the whole crowd. And as usual after their first encore, and the house lights come on, Eels wait for ten minutes before coming back out to play two more songs, to the crowd who had stayed behind (most of whom are used to Eels doing this).

Eels at Norwich UEA, March 2013 (Photographer: Jon Luton)

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