Feeder – Norwich UEA – 1st December 2008 – Preview

Following on from releasing their seventh studio album ‘Silent Cry’ Feeder play their first gig at Norwich UEA since the Comfort In Sound Tour in 2003. Silent Cry is a return to the heavier but still melody driven sound which first got Feeder attention in the 90′s, after two slower albums and the release of their Singles Collection. Songs such as ‘Miss You’ and ‘We Are The People’ would comfortably fit on one of the earlier albums such as ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’.

Sixteen years on from the start of the band, very little has changed when it comes to the motivation behind Feeder. “The idea behind this band was that we were a very noisy three piece but with melody,” singer, song writer and guitarist Grant Nicholas says of forming the band in Newport, Wales with original drummer Jon Lee, later meeting bassist taka Hirose in London. “But if you listen back to those first demos, it’s not that different from what we’re doing now, so I’m amazed when people say we’ve changed so much because actually we’re still doing exactly what we set out to do.” Indeed, even more incredibly, the band still have the same manager Matt Page and label – Echo – as they first started out with, remaining driven by the same passion and determination to make their music heard. “When the guy that signed us came into our crappy little rehearsal room in King’s Cross, we just rocked out and played like we were doing a gig,” Grant remembers. “We probably looked a bit stupid looking back on it, but he asked us what we wanted and we said we wanted to headline Wembley Stadium. It must have sounded a bit naïve but we still kind of share the same vision. We’re a different band now in some ways, but we still push ourselves towards trying new things”.

Expect several songs from Silent Cry, along with older singles, and classic album tracks including ‘My Perfect Day’.

Ticket are £22.50 and available from

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  1. Jim

    Such a good band – a band we played with recently. Cutback, won a competition to support Feeder at a gig they played in Sheffield.

    I’m only in Ipswich so might try to get along to this gig.


    Hayze, orignal indie rock music in the UK

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