In April 2009 Fightstar released their third album ‘Be Human’ which was the first album release on their own ‘Search and Destroy’ Record label. Norwich Gigs caught up with Omar Abidi, Al Westaway and Dan Haigh from Fightstar to discuss how the album went, the re-release of the album, and their plans for the rest of 2010.

‘Be Human’ was a big move for the band, leaving the comfort of having a record label behind the band, how do you feel the album and the year has gone?

‘There’s shoes on my feet, so it’s working well so far’ jokes Dan.

‘Yeah, we aren’t roaming bare foot yet’ adds Omar, before becoming serious, ‘It’s gone really well. It’s been a different experience to working with a record company in a lot of ways. We’ve had a lot of creative control in the past, but to be the complete masters of the realm made it a steep learning curve and has made it an interesting and enjoyable year. This is the best year we have had since we started. This is the first time we feel we can take some time off.’

‘Main stage reading was the best thing we’ve done. Everything aligned that day, great crowd, great weather, gaint moshpit. If it all ended that day, and I never planned guitar again, I would have been happy with what we achieved’ says Al.


Fightstar have just re-released the album, with four added songs and a DVD of their acoustic gig in Northampton at the end of 2009. Al explained how the rerelease came about.

‘We had some new material, which had been recorded but we didn’t want to record another album yet. We had the acoustic gig booked and then decided to film it, which will wanted to release and repackaging the CD was an easy way to get it out.’

‘It’s a means to an end’ adds Omar. ‘We thought about releasing an EP of those four songs, with a DVD of the acoustic show, but we thought there’s no point, so we decided on a deluxe edition, so anyone who didn’t have the album could get it, with the four tracks and a DVD.’

At some point, the subject comes up of the next album.

‘We aren’t planning on recording the next album for a while as we want to have a breather and some time to get our creative juices together’, says Al.

‘Collect all our juices in a small receptacle’, Omar and Dan laugh together.


Without a new album to work on yet, what plans do the band have for the rest of the year.

‘We are going to have some down time, and each work on some projects that we have started up in the last year. Maybe try and gather some steam to get together and work on the next album at the end of this year or start of next year‘ says Omar. ‘I’ve been managing a band, and Al and Dan have been working on musical projects, and the film we still haven’t finished making. Charlie is working on some acoustic stuff he’s been wanting to record and get out for the last year, on a kind of country vibe.’

I ask the band about the film, and Dan explains:

‘The film is a low budget, or zero budget, action physiological thriller that has grown to almost a feature length film. It’s something we wanted to do for fun, we always want to creative things so if we are not making music we are doing other creative things. Me and Al want to pursue film making further, and you have to start somewhere. Having done a few short films and directed some of our videos, we thought lets take a crack at drama. It’s something that we have written, all acted in, we have written the score for it, doing all the soundscapes, visual effects, and post production. I’m sure it’ll be online at some point, or on some lesser tv channels.’

Dan and Al are also planning to direct some music videos for other bands.

‘We have been offered the chance to direct lots of music videos but we haven’t had the time, but this year we’ll have more time, so hopefully get to work on more’ says Al.


At this point the interview ends and Fightstar go on to rock Norwich Waterfront.

Be Human Deluxe edition is out now, featuring four bonus songs and the live DVD of their acoustic show.


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