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Flamboyant Bella – Norwich Arts Centre

Flamboyant Bella

Flamboyant Bella

At the end of every year music magazines and websites are keen to tip their guess at the bands who will become stars during the next 12 months. This year, don’t be too surprised if Flamboyant Bella appear in most of the lists. They are an unsigned band who have managed to sell out all their releases so far, have toured constantly for the last year, and have racked up almost one and a half million plays on their myspace page.

Described by many as music for the Skins generation (songs about sex, drugs and alcohol), Flamboyant Bella produce a blend of upbeat indie/electro/pop with occassional blasts of synth and rave style sections. Whilst only playing 45 minutes they hit the crowd with upbeat songs you can’t help but dance to. Singles ‘Touch’ and ‘Absolutely Wankered’ stand out along with Second Minute Hour, which really showcases guitarist Flo’s vocals, which work so perfectly against Vocalist/Synth player James McBreen vocals.

Whilst the crowd is small, almost every single audience member knows all the words and spends the whole set singing loudly along and dancing around, making the most of the space.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Flamboyant Bella do in 2009 what Alphabeat did in 2008, with their catchy indie pop.

Flamboyant Bella: Your new favourite band.

Flamboyant Bella

Flamboyant Bella

Flamboyant Bella

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