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Hello Bear: Profile

Hello Bear

Hello Bear

Band name:
Hello Bear

Band members and roles:
Luke Fox – Vocals / Guitar
Tom Harvey – Bass / Backing Vocals
Daryl Blyth – Drums / Shouts

The band was put together in early 2010.

Previous Releases:
Fun At A Stable Volume EP (Self Release)
An Exquisite Year For Charm (NR ONE)
Indulgence (NR ONE)

Forthcoming Releases:
I Dropped The Screw In The Tuna (released 13/02/12)
This One Girl… (released 02/04/12)

Forthcoming Gig list:
Nambucca – London 13/03/12
This One Girl… release show – Norwich Arts Centre 31/03/12

Three bands that influenced your sound:
The band all have different influences. But the combination of influences has created the Hello Bear sound.
Personal influences however; Luke – Los Campersinos. Tom – Led Zeppelin. Daryl – The Aquabats.

Short biography/description of the band:
Hello Bear play their own brand of Post-Sad core fun pop. The band (as a unit) was born in early 2010 just as the weather started getting warmer.The band have toured the UK, had numerous air play on various BBC shows and established student radio stations, played festivals alongside The Futureheads and Darwin Deez to name but a few.
They enjoy long walks on the beach, cups of tea and pints of rum. They’re here to bridge the gap between make-up-wearing boys and pint-drinking-girls.

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  1. The Hello bear boy’s are main support for this on friday 10th feb


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