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In Case Of Fire – Interview

Norwich Gigs managed hijack the Bring Me The Horizon tour bus along with In Case Of Fire’s Drummer, Colin Robinson, and bassist, Mark Williamson for a short interview about the Kerrang tour and future plans for the band.

In Case Of Fire

In Case Of Fire first caught my attention back in September when supporting Ash at The Astoria, for one of their gigs reliving the 1977 album.

Mark: The Ash show was an overwhelming experience for us, I have been a fan of Ash since I was young and 1977 was one of the first albums I really got into. Also, playing the Astoria was always a dream, and i’m glad we got to play there before the venue closed.

In Case Of Fire have had a hard time fitting in with the sound of other bands they have toured with, not being as heavy as the other bands on the Kerrang tour, or as melodic as the bands on the Funeral For A Friend tour they did last October/November. The band aren’t worried by this.

Colin: We do find it hard to get our sound across to people, because we have only had the chance to play five songs each night on the last two support tours we’ve play on. But we have seen an improved reaction from the crowd as the tours have gone on and the crowd understands us more.

Mark: It’s sometimes hard being the first band on each night, because the crowd isn’t warmed up yet, but tonight the reaction was really good, and we’re really happy with how we went down.

On stage In Case Of Fire offer a powerful sound, mixing the raw, anything can happen feel of At The Drive-In, and Refused, whilst remaining as catchy as Muse with the choruses of ‘This Time We Stand’ and ‘The Cleansing’. In between songs the band concentrates on triggering samples, and very rarely speak to the crowd.

Colin: We don’t have idle chit-chat in between songs. A lot of our favourite bands are the kind of bands that don’t do the whole talking between songs, and mug to the camera so to speak. We play serious music, and if you play serious music and then do a comedy stand up routine in between songs, it takes away from the music. If you look at a band like Biffy, very rarely will you get anything out of Simon in between songs. Same with muse as well, they don’t talk to the crowd very much.

Mark: We are a very busy band in between songs because we have lots of different tuning, or Colin is triggering a sample.

Colin: The kind of band we are and the message we try to portray, with the uniforms and what Steve’s singing about, the fact that we don’t speak much on stage lends itself to the music. We don’t give out anything on stage except the music. We want to captivate people when we play live.

How would the band describe their sound:

Colin: It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard (joking)
We are just a rock band, who write about things that are important to us. We don’t just write/play music to get famous and sell loads of merchandise, which a lot of bands who are around these days do, it seems to be their number one priority (Colin laughs at the irony of his comment, considering we are sitting in Bring Me The Horizons bus surrounded by Drop Dead clothing) . We write songs because that’s what we love to do, and if we weren’t getting anywhere with it, we’d still be writing and playing music. The fact that we are getting out there and getting better known is important though, because the stuff in Steve’s lyrics is getting heard.

The band are already looking forward to the release of their debut album, Align The Planets, which has been recorded twice and should be out 11th May 2009.

Mark: That’s final it’s going to be then, no later. It might come out before then, but definitely no later.

Colin: If it isn’t out by then we are going to phone Axel Rose and find out how he got Chinese Democracy released after all those years. The album has been recorded twice now, we originally did it on our own, in our house. Once we got our management deal/record deal we went back in again and recorded it with Gil Norton. We recorded it last spring and finished mixing last July. Working with Gil was the best experience ever.

Mark: We love studio work, and working with Gil was the best thing to happen to the band.

Colin: Gil has such a head for songs. He’s well known for his work with more commercial bands, like the foo’s feeder etc. Although we have a commercial side, on the whole the album is quite diverse, and we weren’t going to change what we are, but Gil did make changes but the changes were for the good of the songs, to make a stronger album.

Mark: There were bits we had picked as weaknesses and he helped us make the songs as good as they could be. It was a really creative process.

Colin: If someone had asked us who would have been our dream producer, Gil Norton would, hands down, been our first choice. It was so easy working with him, because he’s stuff a good guy, and we became good friends with him and he’s came to a load of our shows. Fingers crossed if we get to make another album, Gil would be available to produce again.

After the completion of the Kerrang tour, In Case Of Fire release second single ‘The Cleansing’ and have filmed a darker video, to go with the songs theme. We hope to have the video on the site shortly

Colin: The first video (for This Time We Stand) needed to be mostly performance, second video has more of a story, because the narrative of the lyrics lend themselves better to a story line. The topic could be a bit dodgy if you come at it the wrong way, but the way the video has been done we managed to pull off the emotion of the lyrics.

Mark: It’s a really creepy video, but it was enjoyable to film, and I think the video works well with the song.

The Cleansing is out on 2nd March.

In Case Of Fire

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