Inme: Norwich Waterfront

Following the release of their fourth album ‘Herald Moth’ Inme return to Norwich Waterfront on 11th February.

Up until now InMe have always divided opinion. The band’s 4th album, ‘Herald Moth’ is a record which reveals a band matured, one who’ve clearly shaken off the early ‘emo’ trappings of their 2003 debut.

“We wanted to create lots of technical layers with an edge; to heavy, melodic tunes”, opens lead vocal/guitarist Dave McPherson. “With Daydream Anonymous we established a more mature sound and pushed our abilities as musicians. Now we’ve really stepped that up. The new album is darker, more epic and grander than we’ve ever been.”

Lyrically the album deals with the great hardships McPherson has had to come to terms with.

“I’ve had a particularly tough couple of years. Not to say I feel sorry for myself but things haven’t been particularly easy. Part of that was I gave in too much, became too weak and let everything get on top of me. The main theme throughout ‘Herald Moth’ is adversity really. It gave me a therapeutic outlet to spit out all the darker, negative things within me to become stronger at the end of it.”

InMe originally formed as ‘Drowned’ in 1996, but changed their name on signing with Music for Nations in 2001. After 3 singles, the debut album ‘Overgrown Eden’ was released January, 2003 and entered the UK album charts at #15.

During 2004 the band signed with V2. Their second album, ‘White Butterfly’, was released June 2005 and featured the singles ’7 Weeks’, which reached #36 in the UK singles chart and ‘So You Know’ which reached #33.

In July 2006, bassist Joe Morgan quit the band and was replaced by McPherson’s brother Greg and in 2007 they went on to agree a new deal with Graphite Records for the release of ‘Daydream Anonymous’; the band’s most critically acclaimed album to date. In the Autumn of 2008, second guitarist Ben Konstantinovic joined.

“We’d wanted a 2nd guitarist for a long time”, Dave explains. “But the right guy never came along.”

Ben began playing at McPherson’s regular acoustic nights around the UK. Over time it became clear he was more than the man for the job. “He completely blew everyone away,” confirms Dave, “He has a maths degree and is a qualified pilot too!”

InMe never limit themselves & in their 13 years of existence have constantly evolved to become the 4 man machine they are today. Their passionate and innovative attitude towards creating music has led to the creation of their proudest opus, ‘Herald Moth’. due out in August 2009 with a full campaign behind it, InMe have never been hungrier.

In October 2009, InMe parted ways with second guitarist, Ben Konstantinovic. “Me, Greg & Si have come to the decision to continue without Ben in the band. This was a hard choice to make as we’re all good friends but InMe requires a level of absolute commitment that Ben couldn’t give. I sat down and personally discussed it all with Ben, it was totally amicable and open.”

“He is an amazing guitarist & it’s a pleasure performing with him & I’ll continue to do so outside of InMe. We will remain a 3 piece for the foreseeable future & will not be rushing into anything. The album is doing well & things are on the up!”

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