Interview: The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids

We spoke to Matt Pryor, Singer and Guitarist with The Get Up Kids.

The Get Up Kids reformed at the end of 2008, after a four year break, to tour in support of the Tenth anniversary of Something To Write Home About, an album which has influenced so many bands. The announcement was met with excitement by old fans, and was followed by a year playing as many shows as position all over the world, including some great intimate shows in the UK. At the start of 2010 the band announced the start of the second phrase of their reunion, where they would be releasing new music. The first release ‘Simple Science’ EP came out on vinyl in April, followed by a CD release at the end of May.

At what point did the band decide that you would continue and write new songs?

“We played a festival in Belgium last April [2009], and had a few drinks, and decided it would be fun to try writing some songs. We just thought we’d see how it went, if we weren’t happy with what we were coming out with, we would have stopped and not released anything new. But we are all happy with the stuff we have been writing.”

The new EP was released on the bands own label, after years on Vagrant. Any reason behind releasing the EP yourselves?

“Nothing against Vagrant, we enjoyed our time with them, but we are lucky enough to be in a position where we don’t need to rely on a label. It’s a new era for us, we wanted to try something new. I’ve been dealing with the record label stuff myself, and I’ve been having fun and enjoying doing that side of things so I’m happy for us to keep releasing ourselves.”

The Get Up Kids

After the current tour, what is the plan for future releases?

“We have fifteen new songs written including the four on Simple Science, and should be having another writing session after Reading Festival, and then we’ll record during September and October. Hopefully we should have an album out at the start of next year.”

On this UK tour you’ve been playing a real mixture of songs, how do you find picking the setlist?

“It’s hard picking what songs to play each night. We like to do new songs, because that’s what we are into, but people pay a lot of money to come and see us, so we have to play lots of old songs, people want songs they can singalong to. Some people want all 4 Minute Mile and Something To Write Home About, and then some people want On A Wire and Guilt Show, so we try to play a mixture to keep everyone happy. We still enjoy playing the old songs. Even though we change the set list most nights, I think we’ll always play Ten Minutes.”

The Get Up Kids

As well as The Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor is also the frontman of The New Amsterdams. Are their any plans to do another New Amsterdams album?

“Right now I’m busy with The Get Up Kids and will be for the time being, the other New Amsterdam guys are busy with other projects, but I’m sure we’ll do something together in the future when we all have time. The Get Up Kids is my priority.”

More info on The Get Up Kids can be found on their website:

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