Introducing: Young Guns

Young Guns

Young Guns are one of the hottest tipped bands for success in 2010. In 2009 they released their debut EP, Mirrors, which was full of catchy rocks songs, followed up at the start of 2010 with the free download only ‘Winter Kiss’ single and a slot on the Kerrang Tour. We spoke to Gus (Vocals), John (Guitar), Fraser (Guitar) Simon (Bass) and Ben (Drums) about the band before they head into the studio to record their debut album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’.

How would you describe Young Guns?

John: I guess ‘heavy rock with catchy melodies’. We would hope.

Gus: It’s nothing terribly ground breaking, but it’s different from a lot of stuff that’s about at the moment. There seems to be a lot of young bands out at the moment that are genre or sub-genre based. The fact that we are a straight up rock band hopefully makes us different , and we’ll stand out. We aren’t aligned with any scene at the moment.

What has influenced the sound?

John: We listen to everything from Beyonce to Architects.

Fraser: I think it’s good that not many people say we sound like ‘so and so’, and that we don’t think ‘oh we love that band, lets copy them’. We just write our own stuff.

John: There are bands we are influenced by like Thrice.

Gus: There is definately a big Thrice influence. But I think that because we are a little older, all in our mid twenties that we have all lived through a couple of different periods of popular music, so collectively we have a wide range of musical tastes. We literally listen to everything from underground hardcore bands to Girls Aloud…everything under the sun. I like to think we can appreciate the art of a well written song, and that art transcends style. You can get well written pop and well written heavy metal.

Young Guns

The Mirrors EP and Winter Kiss single were produced by former Sikth members WillerHill (The album is also beng produced by WellerHill). How did working with Weller Hill come about?

Gus: I was a big fan of Sikth, so I aways loved the idea of working with them. They did an album with some friends of ours called Cry For Silence, and just recorded it in their rehearsal space. Very low key, DIY, but they made a great sounding album. And although they are metal heads they have a really keen ear for melody. I thought the combination of the heavy background but with a focus on melody would really benefit our sound, and they really hit the nail on the head.

John: We are so happy we them, that we are going to record the album with them. We just feel so comfortable working with them after doing the EP and Winter Kiss with them.

Gus: They just get our sound, and there isn’t anyone else we can think about working with.

Simon: We are kinda growing together, us as musicians and them as producers.

How will ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ differ from the EP and single?

John: The album is going to show off our versatility. The EP was four straight up rock tracks with catchy melodies that people instantly liked, that introduced ourselves, but the album will show off our diversity and skills, but still with bangers.

Gus: We engineered the EP to be very instant, and short, sharp and to the point. The album will have more texture, and we’ll get to flex our creative muscle and show a more dynamic side of us all.

Young Guns

Are you happy with the reaction to Winter Kiss?

John: Winter Kiss is just a song to tie us over between the EP and album, but we are surprised it got on daytime radio, and how well it’s been received. We got 1,500 downloads on the first day it was out.

Gus: We wanted to progress and show a different side to us, from the EP. It was shocking that Fearne Cotton playing it on Radio One. At the moment our mood is a constant state of shock and disbelief. It’s really rewarding to see how well it’s been received by all the people to to the shows.

More information on Young Guns can be found on their myspace:

The first single from All Our Kings Are Dead, ‘Sons Of Apathy’ is available to purchase from:

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