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Kele: Norwich Waterfront

Kele Okereke

With each new album Bloc Party have been getting progressively more dance orientated, so it was no surprise when singer Kele released an album full of dance tunes in June, entitled ‘The Boxer’. With only a few weeks touring behind them it was interesting to see Kele and backing band pull off an entertaining show.

The first thing you notice about Kele is his passion for the music along with his energy. For just over an hour Kele dances round every inch of the stage, seeming to enjoy the freedom of not having to play guitar for the majority of the set.

Most of the set is filled with songs from ‘The Boxer’ with stand out tracks being set opener Walk Tall and recent single Tenderoni. In an attempt to keep the Bloc Party fans happy, they do a medley of Bloc Party songs, based around a dance groove, which doesn’t completely work, but satisfies enough of the crowd. Overall a good set, which is well received by the crowd. The show ends with an outstanding version of Flux.

Kele Okereke

Kele Okereke

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