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Micah P Hinson – Norwich Arts Centre

Micah P Hinson

Micah P Hinson

Despite his young age Micah P Hinson has had a tough life, from being hooked on drugs, homeless, penniless and abandoned by his family. All of this has inspired him in his songwriting. From looking at Micah, you’d expect him to be in an emo band, with his checked shirt, thick glasses and hat, however he performs a blend of country music not too far away from Willy Mason.

Playing for almost an hour and a half, he puts on an inspiring performance, showcasing his new album ‘Micah P Hinson and The Red Empire Orchestra’. Backed by his wife on piano and a drummer, who spend most of the set watching him escape into his own world. Live, he captures the same feeling of frailty as on record, with the crowd awestruck by his vocals, and general performance.

Every song was just right, never over done, never lacking anything. Whilst having piano and drums on stage, they never played too much, only adding to his vocals and guitar when necessary, at times sitting whole songs out.

Despite Micah’s enclosed performance during songs, eyes always closed tight as he sings, between songs he is happy to chat and entertain the audience with jokes and stories, told in his strong texas accent.

When he encores with a John Dever cover, the night is complete, however most audience members would be happy to watch this fragile performer continue for many more hours.

Micah P Hinson

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