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Senses Fail

At the end of 2008 Senses Fail released their third album ‘Life Is Not A Waiting Room’. Following on from the success of their second album ‘Still Searching’, ‘Life Is Not…’ features the big hooks, hardhitting riifs and self reflective lyrics we have come to expect from the band. Norwich Gigs spoke to Senses Fail singer Buddy Nielsen before their gig at Norwich Waterfront.

How do you feel about the reaction to ‘Life Is Not A Waiting Room’?

I think it’s gone well. It certainly hasn’t been pushed as much as Still Searching, and it isn’t such a drastic change from album to album. I think it’s a solid record. The music industry has changed quite a bit since the last record came out, but I think the kids really like it.

The album is doing what we have always done in the states, and we still have loads of kids coming to the shows, which is good.

We would like to do better in the UK, cos I think a lot of people still don’t know about us. It’s hard to do a big tour here, because it’s expensive to tour over sea’s and as we don’t get any tour support we can’t afford to do a big support tour to promote ourselves to new people.

How do you feel about people downloading music?

It’s fine, I’m not against it, but it does hurt bands like us, because we need the money from record sales to survive. It does also hurt huge bands, but they make so much from touring. I get know if kids get into records anymore, they seem to buy just songs. There’s nothing we can do about it, we aren’t going to change the world.

What’s next for Senses Fail?

We are doing the warped tour, then hopefully will come back to Europe, and then we are going to write our next record. The next record is going to be really different. I don’t know in what way but it’s going to be a big step like the difference from Let It Enfold You to Still Searching. The next record will be a big progression for us.

What inspires us to write music is that there’s so much out there to compete with, that we really want to define us. It’s important for us to be a band that’s different and that people care about. There are a lot of bands that are around now, that are doing well and have catchy songs but they won’t last very long. I think with us we have managed to keep a fanbase that has stayed with us over the years.

Senses Fail

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