The Automatic: Norwich Arts Centre

The Automatic head back to Norwich Arts Centre on 22nd March to preview material from their third album.

Following a three year rollercoaster ride which saw the release of two albums (‘Not Accepted Anywhere’ and ‘This Is A Fix’) and a string of top 40 singles, The Automatic return on their own label (Armoured Records) with complete control, absolute vision and total honesty.

Huge new single ‘Interstate’ is as melodic and anthemic as ever, recorded in the band’s Cardiff Studio with producer Richard Jackson, this is a song about “freedom, no stress, being away from everything and basically driving along a big long road to God knows where”. This track, like the album as a whole, finds Rob Hawkins and Paul Mullen further developing the shared lead vocal duties begun on the last album.
The release also features artwork inspired by an abstract painting by Rob on the sleeve.

Meanwhile, The Automatic are putting the finishing touches to their third album. Titled ‘Tear the Signs Down’, the new album will be released in February 2010. Before then, the band will be embarking on a twelve-date UK tour to preview a host of new material.

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