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The Bluetones

Over 12 years since their biggest hit ‘Slight Return’ and the bluetones are still going strong, touring admittedly smaller venues but still playing to a loyal following. On one of the hottest evenings of 2008 so far, they play at the barfly in cambridge , which comfortably holds about 50-100 people, tonight packed with over 200 people all almost passing out thanks to the heat.

The bluetones start with a few songs from their last couple of albums before heading into a ‘bands favourite’ set. The set mainly features (for some odd reason) songs from their ‘Science and Nature’ album, a more mellow sound from the recent albums, a sound not a million miles away from Mark Morriss’ new solo album. Mixed with this is the bands favourite singles they have released.

Playing on a small stage with a pillar right in the middle of the stage limited the band movements, or as singer Mark puts it ‘cutting out 70% of his best dance moves’ the band are at their best in an initimate venue, allowing Mark Morriss to charm all of the crowd, joking around with various audience members including the odd heckler.

Rather than leaving the stage and they coming back on for an encore, the bluetones to stay on stage and continue with the set, instead of having to push their way through the sweaty crowd twice. At this point Slight Return, Bluetonic and If… are unleashed on the cheering crowd, leaving the audience sweaty but satified.

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