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Thursday – No Devolución


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Thursday are due to release their sixth studio album No Devolución on Monday 11th April.

Whilst the band are best known for their breakthrough album ‘Full Collapse’ and major label debut ‘War All The Time’, it’s been their previous two album which have shown a more dynamic side to the band, since the introduction of Andrew Everding on keyboards. No Devolución picks up where A City By The Light Divided and Common Existence left off, with piano and synth taking a more central role, giving the album a fuller sound.

Whilst the album doesn’t have an ‘Understanding In A Car Crash’/'For The Workforce Drowning’ style hit song, it’s packed with big epic songs. Opener ‘Fast To The End’ is as fast paced as anything they have previously released, then the album settles down to a slower pace, but just as heavy, before the rush of adrenaline that is penaltimate song ‘Turnpike Divides’.

Not as immediate as previous albums, after a few listens you can’t help but sing along. Gone are the days of Geoff Rickly just screaming, there’s proper singing on this record (but of course the screaming remains).

‘Sparks Against The Sun’ is the song that ‘Division St’ on War All The Time wanted to be, a massive anthemic song. Whilst the album is more polished than their early albums, songs like ‘Open Quotes’ and ‘Past and Future Ruins’ contain a rawness that will remind fans of ‘Waiting’ and ‘Full Collapse’.

This is the most complete album Thursday have ever made.


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