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Tina Dico: Norwich Arts Centre

Tina Dico

Tina Dico

Tina Dico

Norwich Arts Centre
Sunday 27th February 2011

Tina Dico comes to Norwich Arts Centre on Sunday 27th February promoting her new double album Welcome Back Colour, which is a collection of reworkings of old songs and some new songs. In advance of this gig we had a short interview with Tina:

What made you decide to put together an album of new songs
and re-workings instead of a full new album?

After 6 studio albums and with everything else that’s happening in my life these years it felt like the right time to do a kind of “Best Of” or anthology release. To both look back and ahead, closing the first chapter of my career and opening a new one.

How did the process of re-working the older songs work?

I wanted to sit down with my guitar and do naked versions of the fans’ favourites and I asked out on Facebook what would be the ideal acoustic session. I got tons of replies and I then recorded these songs but realised that it was dangerous to re-do the favourites at the risk of ruining what people love about them. So I had to change my approach and instead re-visited B-sides, collaborations and more un-expected stuff. It was far more difficult than expected, actually! I’m so used to playing old songs live but recording them again was a whole other ball game.

How did returning to Denmark influence Welcome Back Colour?

Welcome Back Colour wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t moved back to Denmark. I’ve been so busy and constantly on the go for the past 7 years and it was only in Copenhagen, in my new home, that I found the peace and quiet to think about where I’ve been; the journey I’ve been on, geographically, with my music and with me, personally.
That’s why I felt like making an album that would sum up a bit and at the same time point forwards.

Are the new songs the direction your next album will take?

There are five new songs on there as well as other songs that people probably won’t have heard before. The new songs are very different in style and I’m not sure either of them carve out the direction of my next album. I just enjoyed the freedom that Welcome Back Colour gave me to play around. Anything could happen – and that’s how I feel about my next move. I’m open and can’t wait to dive in.

And what can we expect from the forthcoming tour?

The forthcoming tour will be a mix of new and old material and will show both the rockier side and, as always, the more intimate storytelling side. I have such amazing Icelandic musicians with me and we give it all we have every night!

Tickets are available from UEA Ticket Bookings

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