Young Guns: Norwich Arts Centre

Young Guns

Young Guns + The Swellers
Norwich Arts Centre
25th November 2010

One of the best rock bands to emerge in the last couple of years, Young Guns, return to Norwich on 25th November to headline the Arts Centre. (Read our interview with Young Guns from January here:

The band who release the 3rd single, ‘Weight of the World’, from their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ on November 1st.

Young Guns unleash the latest single from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’, ‘Weight Of The World’ on November 1st. The single follows ‘Sons of Apathy’ and ‘Crystal Clear’, both of which saw the band building on their impressive rise within the rock ranks, as well as breaking out into daytime radio with regular play.

The success of the aforementioned album and its singles to date has resulted in magazine covers, the band playing sell-out headline tours, as well as landing high profile support slots (Bon Jovi, Lostprophets). Not to mention an impressive run on the festival circuit (in both the UK and Europe), culminating in an appearance on the main stage at the Reading & Leeds festivals, where the band shared a stage with the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Queens of the Stone Age.

‘Weight of the World’ is an ambitious slice of widescreen rock, combining instrumental muscle with a soaring chorus. The version released on November 1st has been revamped a little from the version that appears on their debut, a decision frontman Gustav Wood explains, “Now, we love our album to death, but we, like most bands, are perfectionists and knew that we could do the song a little more justice if we only had a tiny bit more time (especially if we were to release it as a single). We went back into the studio with Dan Weller once again and just tweaked, nipped, and tucked a bit so that we were a bit happier with where the song was at.”

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